To International Society of Political Psychology

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Dear colleagues,

The Association of Political Psychologists of Ukraine (APPU) appeals to you at this tragic time for Ukraine, dramatic one for Europe, and the World.

Our citizens are dying every day as a result of a full-scale war unleashed by Putin’s criminal authorities. Contrary to the norms of International Humanitarian Law, residential neighborhoods, hospitals and maternity ones, children’s institutions, schools, administrative and communal buildings are being bombed.

The Association unites more than 200 professionals from all regions of Ukraine — scientists, teachers, psychologists, political consultants and experts, and other specialists in related fields. Since 1995, we have been conducting research and implementing numerous other projects to strengthen civil society institutions, using an arsenal of scientific knowledge and international research cooperation.

As you know, back in 2014, Russia launched an occupation invasion of Ukraine: occupied the Crimea and part of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Over these 8 years, the acute military conflict gradually became more latent. Active informational war was holding and is going on now. In the last few years, provocative shelling by Russia has been regulated, killing Ukrainian servicemen.

But on February 24, 2022 Russia’s aggressive invasion of Russian’s troops on Ukraine reached unprecedented proportions and objectively threatens not only Ukrainian territories but the entire world.

Before this moment we used to be civilian scientists, researchers, lecturers and students. But now we had to change our activities. Some of us defend our country in The Armed Forces of Ukraine or the Territorial Defense Forces. Some of us work as crisis psychologists. Some are involved in humanitarian volunteer missions throughout Ukraine. Almost everyone is providing assistance to citizens affected by Russian military aggression. We defend our country by all available means. But it does not prevent us from maintaining a professional view of this War.

As specialists in the field of political and social psychology, we see in the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine signs of not only war crimes but also mental pathology. Justifying the criminal attack on an independent European state, the Russian authorities is obsessed with the overvalued ideas and conspiracy theories. It demonstrates a delusive perception of the current times and understanding of history, and inflates among its own population dangerous ideas of national supremacy. The actions of the political authorities of the Russian Federation have distinctive behavioral features of malignant narcissism, paranoia, delusions, and antisocial disorder. They broadcast these same pathological patterns to their own people, who were taken hostage by the criminal regime. It doesn’t matter if it’s voluntary or not.

Since XX century social and political psychologists have made enormous contributions to the study of the causes that led to the catastrophe of World War II and other destructive conflicts, in order to more effectively prevent future wars. But right now, we are seeing the same signs of psychological pathology that are causing a political and humanitarian catastrophe. As experts, we have to talk about it on all available sites and through all available channels. But we need your help. We ask for assistance to the entire global professional community.

We ask you to draw the attention of your audience to the War in Ukraine, which was unleashed for insane reasons and with inhuman goals. This will be especially important when, as the conflict drags on, the world’s attention to events in our country will fade. It doesn’t matter how long this war lasts. This will not change its malicious and pathopsychological nature.

We ask you to put pressure on public opinion and the position of your governments in order to increase assistance to the people of Ukraine. We need all the help that is currently possible for other countries. And we sincerely and deeply thank all the people who have already supported and continue to support us in this struggle.

We will be grateful for the expert support in organizing information resistance to the destructive Russian propaganda, which destroys not only the people minds, but homes, cities, lives.

In these dark times for Ukraine, we feel great support and solidarity from around the world, and this gives us the strength to fight. We want you to know the value of it for us now.

We really want to return to our peaceful classes, research, projects, and conferences. We want to cross swords with you once more in intellectual debates, to meet within the walls of universities and conference halls throughout Ukraine and the world, to walk the streets of ancient Kyiv, streets of Donetsk and Sevastopol and to sit in cozy cafes of Lviv. And we will definitely do that. But later… And now we need to defeat great evil. And we ask for your help.

President Iryna Hubeladze




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